Given how different each project is from the next, it is challenging to provide precise timetables. Each project that comes in the shop is completed on a “first come, first served” basis. Although we make an effort to provide rough timelines based on the ongoing tasks in our shop, we cannot guarantee their accuracy!

A thin covering of lovely wood grain that is tightly attached to wood with various qualities is called a veneer for furniture. Cabinetry and very beautiful dining tables are made with veneered wood.
Any chunk or piece of wood furniture can be repaired or duplicated by our company. We enjoy doing repairs and handle a lot of the work for your favorite furniture retailers.

To restore each item to its original color and gloss, we provide a quote. Today, satin sheen is used to finish 95 percent of furniture. Since satin is the most useful material for daily usage, it is advised. Unless otherwise specified, your piece will be restored using UV-protective pre-catalyzed furniture quality lacquer to guarantee the color will remain true for many years.

We can duplicate the original hardware if you need to repair missing pieces, or you may buy new hardware in our store.

The glass in your products, both flat and curved, can be replaced. Before delivering newly refinished objects to customers, we can additionally add glass tops. Please inquire about specifics.

No. Daily partial restorations (tops only, doors alone, etc.) are what we do. We can frequently restore them by employing a less involved procedure called a finish renewal. This method is excellent for artifacts that only want a “freshening up” and don’t require thorough repair.

As close as our expertise, artistic vision, and the capabilities of the materials will allow, we can come very, very close. Customers typically tell us that it appears to be precisely the same to them. With the exception of a tiny percentage of clients, we meet or even surpass expectations.

Yes, products come and go daily from our large 10,000-square-foot facility. Make an appointment by calling to view samples of finished products. You may also check out our regularly updated Facebook and Instagram pages, which feature finished projects.

Yes. One of the projects that is frequently submitted to us is this one. Once your table has been repaired, don’t forget to inquire about the guarantee.

Depending on the existing state and structure of your furniture, we employ several techniques in the store. Our crew can maintain any thin veneers that could have been used during construction by employing a paste-based stripper to remove the old finish. The alternative strategy involves employing our industrial stripping facility. The flow-over process is the name of this procedure. Our staff dons masks and safety gear as they use a brush to scrub your artwork with a commercial stripping solution that is continuously delivered to it. Once the previous finish has been removed, it is gathered and sent for HAZMAT disposal, and your furniture is then put through a process to clean any chemicals still on the bare wood.

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